1. Men Fashion
  2. Tailor made & Personnalized!

    Tailored for you by the best European workshops

    Meticulously selected by us for their know-how, their knowledge of traditional manufacturing processes as well as the advanced technologies at their disposal allowing to transform each cut of fabrics of your choice into a high-end garment while respecting the budget of each one .

    At home, in our showroom or at your workplace.

    The measurement is taken by our team of professionals, who in a few minutes, are able to accurately determine the pattern that suits you as well as the modifications that will make your costume a second skin with unparalleled comfort. From your point of view, our measurement system will allow you to get an immediate idea of ​​the final rendering of your garment, thus avoiding any surprise effect.

    Full-Canvas, Half-canvas or heat-sealed, the choice is yours!

    With your help, we will draw the contours of your garment, letting you choose the cut as well as the options: the style of buttonholes, the shape and size of the cuffs, the type of pockets, the topstitching, the lining, the buttons, the keys. colors, embroidery, etc. thus specifying the small personalization details that will make your piece unique.

    Whether you opt for a classic cut (comfort) or close to the body (slim), our pants, jackets, vests, coats and shirts are tailored to your measurements, always ensuring optimal comfort and a silhouette that meets your expectations.

    No less than 3000 fabrics

    Selected from the best Italian and European manufacturers await you in our collection. Our team is there to guide you and help you optimize your search.

    Whether your ideas are clear and precise or you have no idea what costume will come out for you from our workshops, you can always count on Gerson to help you choose the best possibilities according to your needs at the moment.


  3. Since 1966 in Geneva

    The men's ready-to-wear brand Gilles Gerson Geneva offers you a unique range of ready-to-wear suits, blazers and pants. A wide range of Italian fabrics, of optimal quality, selected for their beauty and allowing to meet the following criteria: Pleasant to wear, beautiful to the touch, adapt to everyday situations, classic enough to last over time, modern enough not to not to miss its time.

    Out of respect for the product and for lovers of beautiful costumes, no fabric of synthetic origin is tolerated in our range of costumes, thus ensuring an irreproachable quality of our clothes and an impeccable image of our customers.

    Available in 3 cuts, Comfort, Modern, Slim and can be retouched as desired by our experienced seamstresses, we easily dress all body types.

    From chino pants to jacket

    Because there is a moment for everything, our ready-to-wear line isn't limited to street suits.

    A range of sportswear clothing, selected with the same care from the European manufacturers closest to our values. Jackets, Jean's or Chino pants, Corduroy, Sweaters and Shirts.

    A variety of accessories that make the difference

    In order not to forget anything, you will find, in our showroom, all types of accessories to complete your outfit.

    Ties, scarves, belts and cufflinks are just a few examples of what we have to offer you

  4. Online sales

    The beautiful fabrics we use need to be touched, palpated and caressed, their sober or vibrant colors look no better than through your eyes and we will never stop recommending that you choose your fabrics in our presence. , either in our showroom or on your premises, however, if you have complete confidence in our team, we are ready to find for you the products that correspond to your expectations and are equipped to take your orders by e-mail or by phone . It is therefore for your greatest satisfaction that we do not offer our products for direct sale on our site.

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