1. Our Heritage
  2. The Gerson family has been active in the Geneva business since the 1940s.

    It all started in a small kitchen in the rue de Coutance where, to get by during the war, Mme Rose Gerson sewed aprons that her husband, Edmond Gerson, a cyclist, used to sell by bike to all the farms in the countryside. Genevoise.

    Once Europe was liberated, the Americans disembarked and with them arrived the famous Jean’s Levi’s, Edmond Gerson opened a shop on rue des Etuves and became the first importer of Jean’s from Geneva. All the youth of the Lake Geneva basin and neighboring France parade through their little shop for supplies ...

    In 1966, then 21 years old, Gilbert Gerson, the 3rd child of the family left an apprenticeship in Bon Génie, helped by his parents, he opened his own shop during Rive 2 under the name of “Mode Rive” , it was at the time a Daniel Hechter franchise specializing in costume. In the 1980s, the parent company Daniel Hechter drastically increased the prices of its costumes, Gilbert did not stick to this new policy and decided to create his own brand under the name of “Gilles Gerson Genève”, he then designed the first showcase. tour of Geneva history thus allowing him to show a maximum of costume in a very small space. In 2010, he retired and passed the teach on to his 3rd child, Jonathan Gerson.

    2021, The brand takes a new turn, the historic store gives way to a brand new showroom, allowing a new approach to customer reception, on-site service for businesses, at home for individuals and creation of a whole new range for women.
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  3. GGG, Gilles Gerson Genève sàrl
    Cours de Rive 4
    2th floor
    CH - 1204 Geneva
    T. : +41 22 311 57 95
    E. : info@gerson.ch