1. Sewing Workshop
  2. Count on us for your alterations and sewing work

    Need touch-ups?

    Our seasoned seamstresses have been trained in the best suits design workshops.

    Their fairy fingers work miracles on your clothes. Adjusting them to your measurements or extending their life is only a matter of craftsmanship and in their hands, your favorite clothes still have a long time to spend in your company.

    Hand or machine work

    Depending on the nature of the work you entrust to us and the materials to be worked on, they may undertake to work by machine or by hand with the sole objective of providing you with clean and efficient work.

    Nimble with their hands and their heads

    Far from just doing repetitive work, they don't hesitate to use their imaginations to find solutions for you when many other people have given up.

    A personalized mask? curtains to shorten? a dress to bend?

    No matter what job you want to see done, send us a job description so that we can get you a quote as soon as possible.
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  3. GGG, Gilles Gerson Genève sàrl
    Cours de Rive 4
    2th floor
    CH - 1204 Geneva
    T. : +41 22 311 57 95
    E. : info@gerson.ch